What is Fingerstyle for the World?

Fingerstyle for the World is a unique method to arrange any song for solo fingerstyle guitar.

Created by Neil Chan, the method was born out of a desire to play any song on guitar immediately after the first listen, just as how you can easily sing back song after hearing it.

After years of careful experimentation and refinement with in-person students, the Fingerstyle for the World online course was created.

Now, all the musical concepts and tools you need are concisely packaged and presented in a fun and engaging manner.

Begin your fingerstyle arranging journey today!

Neil Chan

Hi there! My name is Neil Chan and I've been performing and teaching fingerstyle guitar for over a decade.

I received my degree in music from the National University of Singapore, and have performed and studied alongside fingerstyle greats such as Sungha Jung, Mike Dawes, Jon Gomm and Thomas Leeb.

All that to say, I love fingerstyle guitar and my passion for the art form has driven me to put in the hard work over many years to attain the skills and knowledge I have today.

And now I am eager to share what I know to help you develop your musicianship as a masterful and versatile fingerstyle guitarist!

I hope you enjoy discovering my music and lessons, sharing in my passion for fingerstyle guitar, and giving me the privilege of guiding you along your guitar journey through Fingerstyle For The World.

You may find out more about my work and music at my website here.